Panchabhootam - The Five Elements of Nature

Panchabhootam is a unique theatrical production that brings together Indian music and Classical dance, accentuated by stunning mutimedia visuals, depicting the five elements of nature - Earth, Air, Water, Space and Fire. It was performed to a house full audience at the Roswell Cultural Arts Center in Atlanta. The original music score deftly journeyed through Carnatic, Hindustani, Western harmony to orchestral rendition and was performed by a 15 member Indian Choir (ICE - Indian Choir and Ensemble) .

The dance was choreographed keeping intact all the nuances of Bharatanatyam, a classical dance art form from the southern part of India. Panchabhootam was a blazing success and got a standing ovation from over 600 people, who attended the show. All the proceeds from the show were dedicated to OSAAT - One School At A Time, a non profit organization, that provides education to the underprivileged children in India.

The chief guest of the evening. Dr. Seshu Sarma who is an ardent music lover expressed words of wonder, appreciation and encouragement to the whole team of 55 performers and mentioned "Panchabhootam brought out the emotions involved with each of the elements of nature. When you were doing the rain, we thought we were in the middle of a rain and the same holds true for the others as well. In fact we got the feeling that we were watching a movie at times with all the sunning multimedia visuals"

Panchabhootam was conceived, orchestrated, choreographed and directed by Gayatri Subramanian, artistic director of Soundarya natyalaya and C.V.Subramanian, her husband, who is a proficient violinist and a music composer. Together they run an Indian Music and Dance institution called "KA Academy of Indian Music and Dance" in Atlanta.

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